A ship has many systems that must work throughout to ensure the vessel works at its optimum. Ship management software is integrated software that helps manage and automate various processes aboard a ship. It is a system with multiple aspects that handle different areas concerning a ship. An efficient ship management software can optimize vessel operations – from managing crew and payroll, maintenance aspects, safety, procurement, and inventory management, to performance monitoring and more. Let us look at how this works.

Effective Crew Management

Crew Management System, part of the ship management software, is widely used by fleet owners, ship managers, and crewing/manning companies. It has crew document management capabilities, crew planning, crew appraisals, crew wages, leave pay, overtime, allotment, cash to master, etc. It also has an efficient payroll module compatible with a wide range of international wage computations.

Efficient Purchase Cycles 

A ship that is well stocked with all the supplies that it needs naturally runs optimally from the stores point of view. With the Stored and Procurement Management System under the Ship Management Software, one can communicate requisition details and supplies required. It also must have multi-currency transactions, multi-user capability, and other features. It can also make the buying process more efficient and transparent.

Safer Work Environment 

A ship that does not conform to the safety and quality standards set by the authorities is a risky work environment. A safer work environment is a more productive work environment. A well-structured vessel safety management system controls all the risk factors, reduces incidents, and uses data analytics to improve the ship’s quality and safety.

A Well Maintained Ship 

Vessels implementing a well-planned maintenance system carry out maintenance procedures at specific intervals. A ship management system has planned maintenance software to regularly carry out repairs and replenishments, thus reducing the risk of accidents and increasing the efficiency of the ship.

Proper Work-Rest Allotment for Crew

A well-rested crew is a productive crew. Overworked and fatigued crew members are detrimental to the ship’s safety, as most accidents result from human errors. A transparent and systematic tool helps manage the crew’s work and rest hours as per the applicable law.

Ensuring a Competent Crew

The competency of the seafarers employed should meet the requirements of the ship. A process that can systematically train and develop officers to take on higher responsibilities will ensure a productive and skilled crew.

Making Inventory a Breeze

An efficient inventory management system can help fleet owners save time and money. It can computerize all tasks, such as managing ships’ logs, ledgers, etc. The entire process is optimized with Ship Management Software, a built ship inventory management system.

One of the most strenuous tasks on board a ship is inventory management. There are thousands of items to be procured and managed. But with Shipmate Ship management software, inventory management is simplified. It uses optimized inventory procurement methods and stock usages like first-in-first-out and last-in-still-here. Entering the stocks into the inventory is done through simple inputs. It is also multi-user and multi-currency compatible.

Constant Vessel Performance Monitoring

A ship management system that provides visibility into the ship’s performance, energy usage, environmental compliance, accident prevention, operational costs, etc., gives the fleet owner better insight into optimizing ship operations and making informed decisions.

Better Document Management

Digital ship documentation solutions are a blessing for ship managers to manage and have clear communication between the ship and the onshore office. Document management software keeps track of all the ISM safety regulations, policies, manuals, and more.

Use Shipmate – The Best Ship Management Software 

A ship’s optimum functioning depends on various factors. An efficient ship management system is ideal for getting started on the route to fleet optimization. If you are looking for the right ship management software for your fleet, you have come to the right place.

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