Ship Crew Management System

Crew Management System for Ships

Manage your vessel's crew like a Pro

Formed in 2009,SeaTeam is a Singapore based company which obtained the document of compliance in early 2010. SeaTeam aims to be recognized within the industry as a top quality provider of Ship Management services

SeaTeam is an organization that aims to provide secure and fulfilling careers for its employees by maintaining high degree of process and integrity in its entire operations. SeaTeam emphasizes its crew as the most important element in their operations and is constantly seeking experienced crew to join the team.

By making the employees feel an integral part of the organization and fully supporting continuing education, competence building and career development, SeaTeam attracts the new and upcoming generation of seafarers.

SHIPMATE is proud to associate with SeaTeam by providing its Crew Management Software for maintaining seafarer database and also planning and selecting each seafarer appropriately based on his skills and required matrices.