Our feature rich Crew Management System and Payroll Software for Ships, addresses both basic and advanced needs of Ship Fleet Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore, tugs and boats) and Manning/Crewing companies (main fleet, shipyards and yachts) alike. The product is used by Small, Medium and Large fleet owners and is highly flexible.The product supports Crewing and its related operations like Planning, Crew appraisals, Allotments, P & I both in your offices as well as onboard your vessels. A Payroll module can be integrated with the crewing module and helps in crew payroll related calculations such as crew wages, overtime, leave pay, cash to master, allotment and various other expenses. Filipino wage computation as per POEA is also taken care off. SHIPMATE Crew Management System offers the versatility to control all operations distinctive to Western or Eastern ship management styles.

Features of SHIPMATE Crew Management System and Payroll Software for Ships

  • Storing and managing Seafarer’s basic data such as CVs and crew list
  • Print any format of CVs and crew lists
  • Create employement contracts in seconds using predefined templates
  • Manage briefing, Debriefing and pre- departure crew lists
  • Managing, storing and emailing scanned documents
  • Sends alerts when crew certificates are expiring
  • PR computation (Salary based & Contract based) is with 100% accuracy and done on time
  • Graphical planning – planning of seafarers graphically based on DOA/Relief due up to a time frame of 3 years. Integrates with Seafarer OCIMF (experience) matrix
  • Analysis of compliance requirements related to company, flag, owner, vessel type, STCW.
  • Manage performance appraisal, promotion/demotion of seafarers
  • Data analysis & MIS reporting
  • Medical insurance of seafarer
  • Organize training for seafarers
  • Manage and track Illness/Injury, P&I claims and their status
  • Design forms, reports and letters based on customer requirements
  • Automate new applicant data processing
  • Directly integrate new crew applications coming from your website with SHIPMATE database
  • Manage allotment processing of seafarers with remittance facility
  • Fillipino wage Computation meeting POEA requirements
  • Manage users with appropriate access controls in place

Interface with

  • Ticketing systems of travel agents- including INSTONE, VCK Travel & Griffins etc
  • Seagull, Videotel Training System
  • DG Shipping
  • OCIMF and Q88 for uploading matrix
  • Banks and Financial softwares for payment and transaction records

On Vessel functions for

  • Uploading seafarer personnel info
  • Seafarer performance appraisal
  • Manage Payroll Computation and Master’s Cash Account
  • Perform Sign on/Sign off
  • Record Vessel D&A, Illness/injury

Industry Compliance

  • ILO/MLC 2006
  • SEPA

Additional Plug- Ins

“Specialized tools for specific needs”
SHIPMATE Plug-Ins add power to our solutions which are already installed at your end by addressing your needs such as New Applicant Management, Graphical Planning, Ticketing, Rest Hour- Work Hours Management, and Seafarer

Crew Management System Modules

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We are the world’s leading Maritime system that provides Ship Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore and tugs), Crewing and Manning Agents (main fleet, shipyards) with tools to manage Crewing, Payroll, Crew Scheduling, Compliance Verifications, Vessel Maintenance and the Stores Management process.

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