SHIPMATE Planned Maintenance System (PMS) for ships allows operators to schedule and conduct vessel maintenance across the entire fleet. This maintenance management software is designed to work as per the requirements of ship manufacturers as well as the classification society.

Our SHIPMATE maintenance management software tracks and maintains a thorough record of replenishment of the vessels while also scheduling technical maintenance of ships periodically.

The continuous monitoring allows for preventive ship maintenance that greatly reduces the risk of accidents. Furthermore, the planned maintenance system also enables ship owners to maintain the highest vessel safety standards set forth by regulators and manufacturers.

Adhering to the strictest industry standards, our fleet management software is also class-certified by the acclaimed Bureau Veritas.

The SHIPMATE Planned Maintenance System seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and takes care of a range of functions, including timely repairs and contacting equipment suppliers for the smooth working of your ship.

SBN TechnoLogics cutting-edge fleet management software creates a bridge between your onshore office and the systems on your ship. The networked operations made possible by our maintenance management software significantly increase your business’ efficiency and productivity by keeping onshore and offshore processes in sync.

Features of our Planned Maintenance System for Ships

  • Bureau Veritas-certified fleet maintenance software.
  • Maintenance scheduling.
  • Automatic assigning of future jobs for maintenance based on pre-defined rules.
  • Graphical interface for job planning to smoothen the process.
  • Tracks circulating components.
  • Assign Dry dock/Workshop jobs.
  • Helps handle unscheduled breakdowns and accidents.
  • Criticality reporting for indispensable spares and equipment.
  • Tracks maintenance work history including equipment and work images.
  • Detailed and structured documentation of job procedure, drawings and spares to be used.
  • Integrates with the SHIPMATE Procurement system.
  • ‘Office to Vessel to Office’ data transfer and synchronisation (Data and Images).
  • Inventory management.
  • Requisitions generated based on stock levels and spare criticality.
  • Links to purchase system.
  • Tracks expiring certificates and send appropriate alerts.

On Vessels

  • Generate Requisitions. Get updates on current status.
  • Attach photo and scans of equipment.
  • Auto Backup Data.

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