SHIPMATE Stores and Procurement Management System for ships is a management software designed to integrate with the on-board system on necessities and supplies, office procurement, planned maintenance and accounting applications. The product is extremely versatile in managing multi-user, multi-currency transactions with a ready-to-align ability with third party e-market and vendor systems.

Features of SHIPMATE Stores and Procurement System for Ships

  • Requisition Generation for stores, spares, services, medicals
  • Automated quotation request sending process to vendors
  • Maintenance of vendors register and automatic vendor rating updates
  • Automated RFQ dispatches, electronic negotiations and auto-comparing quotes using a single currency (irrespective of quoted currency)
  • Purchase Order and Invoice handling
  • Intimate office regarding onboard inventory requirements
  • User friendly Vendor Response Forms allowing multi-currency quotation from multiple vendors
  • Easy mapping of office procedures into the system
  • Budgeting tool that aids decision makers by exhibiting various balances of cost centres
  • Lube oil consumption analysis
  • Recording of quality of goods received onboard for vendor evaluation
  • Contract suppliers
  • Transport order generation for warehouses
  • e-Market Interface
  • Intimation to Master on progress of each requisition
  • Tracking of delivery to warehouse and vessel
  • Inventory Management

Interface with

  • e-Market – SHIPSERV
  • e-Market – WSS (MTS)

On Vessels

  • Intimation to Master on progress of each requisition
  • Intimate office on receipt of goods in good order
  • Inventory Management

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We are the world’s leading Maritime system that provides Ship Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore and tugs), Crewing and Manning Agents (main fleet, shipyards) with tools to manage Crewing, Payroll, Crew Scheduling, Compliance Verifications, Vessel Maintenance and the Stores Management process.

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