Budgets And Accounts

Budget & Accounting Software For Bookkeeping of Marine & Ships

“Be on the money, always. With a flawless and efficient system in place”

ShipMate B & A is a simple shipping enterprise bookkeeping application. Taking into account the requirements of the new genre of ship managers, owners and manning agents, B & A brings in exceptional versatility to all financial operations. With a strong suite in place, you can now match charts against results, produce multiple presentations, make any changes on the go, helping you in increasing efficiency overall. We ensure that the B&A installation and commissioning takes place within the shortest possible time, faster than anybody else, saving you on cost and time.

Features of SHIPMATE Budget and Accounts System for Ships

  • Handles multi company transactions
    • Parent company, subsidiaries, full management and LS vessels
    • Vessel as company or as an account
    • Automatic generation of Inter Company Transactions
  • Handles multicurrency transactions
    • Base currency
    • Original currency
    • Transaction currency
  • Managing, controlling, monitoring and auditing of accounts of vendors and customers
  • Managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Port Disbursement Accounts
  • Supporting functional requirements such as Travel, Staff Payroll and Salary, e-Banking, Forex Rates etc.
  • Automatic generation of Provisions to monitor vessel expenses and owner cash position
  • Invoicing the client / owner (Accounts Receivable)
  • Processing received invoices (Accounts payable)
  • Detailed BI reports for supplier and client
  • Customizable owner presentation charts
  • Automatic realization of Forex Rates
  • Automatic posting of recurring transactions
  • Templates for customization of chart of accounts
  • An MIS module to gain advantage from generated information

Interface with

  • Interface with banking systems