Competency Management System

Crew Competence And Management System

Be at peace knowing your ships are manned by Qualified and Competent Seafarers

At SHIPMATE, we have been closely working with our customers to develop a very robust process for systematically training and developing officers to take on higher responsibilities. For this, we have used DNV approved standards and methodology for “Competency Assessment and Development”.

Features of SHIPMATE Crew Competency Management System for Ships

  • Define and monitor the competency requirements of seafarers
  • Provision to check whether the shortlisted seafarers meet their competency requirements
  • Provision to plan and schedule training courses to attain desired competency
  • Manage promotions objectively, based on competencies met and set for each Seafarer/Rank
  • Designed to identify present and future competence needs
  • Facilitates comprehensive communication between sea and shore regarding training
  • Based on DNV Standards