ship planned maintenance management system

Planned Maintenance Management System For Ships

Vessel Maintenance Reimagined– a product certified by Bureau Veritas

SHIPMATE Maintenance Management System for ships is a software-based system which allows Ship Fleet Owners or Operators to carry out maintenance of their vessels in intervals according to manufacturers and class/classification society requirements.SHIPMATE PMS is class certified by Bureau Veritas

SHIPMATE Planned Maintenance System (PMS) for Technical Ship Management maintains a schedule for repairs and replenishments. It plays a great role not only in reducing the risk of accidents by regular preventive maintenance, but also help in coming up to the exacting standards that the regulators and manufacturers have set on various parameters for the health of a vessel. Whether it is the system of being in touch with the equipment suppliers or keeping date with the scheduled repairs and maintenance, our integrated systems would go like clockwork.

With regards to Spares and Stores, whether you have made a purchase, used up or are planning to stock any item, such transactions are updated on board and in the relevant offices, so that everybody associated with the operations is in sync. It thus helps increase performance and efficiency of the vessel.

Features of SHIPMATE Planned Maintenance System for Ships

  • Software class certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Retains maintenance history
  • Facilities automatic creation of future jobs for maintenance based on set rules
  • Job planning – Graphical interface to make it easier
  • Track circulating components
  • Set aside Dry dock / Workshop jobs
  • Helps handle unscheduled breakdowns and accidents
  • Perform criticality reporting for critical spares and equipment
  • Keep track of history of maintenance work including images of equipment / work
  • Keep detailed and structured documentation of jobs like job procedure, drawings, spares to be used
  • Integrates with SHIPMATE Procurement system
  • Office – Vessel – Office data transfer (Data and Image) – to synchronize
  • Inventory Management
  • Requisitions generated based on stock levels and criticality of spares
  • Link to Purchase system
  • Keep track of expiring certificates and generate appropriate alerts.

On Vessels

  • Generate Requisitions. Get updates on current status
  • Attach photo and scans of equipment
  • Auto Backup Data