Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Now plan for the future, considering all possible outcomes

Strategic plans have often been considered the “official future”. This was nothing but a straight-line graph of current trends carried into the future. Often the trend lines have been generated by the accounting department and lacking discussions of demographics, or qualitative differences in social conditions.

These rather simplistic guesses may have come good a few times, but they have a fatal flaw – they fail to consider qualitative social changes that can affect a business.

Features of SHIPMATE Seafarer Planning Software System

  • Method that organizations use to make flexible long term plans
  • Useful to manage risks as it helps in factoring in, and mitigating the less tangible and qualitative risks
  • Helps in preparing a career graph of the seafarer at the time of joining itself
  • Determine where the graph gets deviated and get to a conclusion about the possible outcome
  • Determine how many seafarers of a particular position would be required in the future