ShipMate B & A is a simple shipping enterprise bookkeeping application. Taking into account the requirements of the new genre of ship managers, owners and manning agents, B & A brings in exceptional versatility to all financial operations. With a strong suite in place, you can now match charts against results, produce multiple presentations, make any changes on the go, helping you in increasing efficiency overall. We ensure that the B&A installation and commissioning takes place within the shortest possible time, faster than anybody else, saving you on cost and time.

Features of SHIPMATE Budget and Accounts System for Ships

  • Handles multi company transactions
    • Parent company, subsidiaries, full management and LS vessels
    • Vessel as company or as an account
    • Automatic generation of Inter Company Transactions
  • Handles multicurrency transactions
    • Base currency
    • Original currency
    • Transaction currency
  • Managing, controlling, monitoring and auditing of accounts of vendors and customers
  • Managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Port Disbursement Accounts
  • Supporting functional requirements such as Travel, Staff Payroll and Salary, e-Banking, Forex Rates etc.
  • Automatic generation of Provisions to monitor vessel expenses and owner cash position
  • Invoicing the client / owner (Accounts Receivable)
  • Processing received invoices (Accounts payable)
  • Detailed BI reports for supplier and client
  • Customizable owner presentation charts
  • Automatic realization of Forex Rates
  • Automatic posting of recurring transactions
  • Templates for customization of chart of accounts
  • An MIS module to gain advantage from generated information

Ship Management Made Easy


We are among the world’s leading ship erp software companies that provides Ship Owners, Ship Managers (main fleet, offshore and tugs), Crewing and Manning Agents (main fleet, shipyards) with tools to manage Crewing, Payroll, Crew Scheduling, Compliance Verifications, Vessel Maintenance and the Stores Management process.

Crew Management & Payroll System

Stores & Procurement System

Planned Maintenance System

Quality & Safety Management System

Work & Rest Hours Management System

Crew Competency Management System

Scenario Planning Software